Why businesses need to consider Sustainability and Wellbeing

Businesses are increasingly aware of the impact that Sustainability and Wellbeing has in the workplace, for their people and it’s relationship with organisational productivity. Michelle Viret, Athena Blue Global's Sustainability & Wellbeing Lead, shares her insights on the importance of considering sustainability and wellbeing to support organisations in the long term.

Why should you consider sustainability and wellbeing in your business?

Whether it be working from home or in the office, 90% of our time is spent indoors. With that, businesses should note that 65% of pollution your employees inhale is from the indoor environment. In addition, access to daylight and patterns of movement have significant impacts on the health of employees. This includes sleep, hormone production, digestion and key regulators of the body. Prioritising and supporting the wellbeing of your people welcomes an inclusive culture, while providing a safe and supportive working environment.

What does this mean for an organisation’s office environment?

Selecting sustainable fit-out and design options are critical for the longevity and overall health for leading organisations. Biophilic design, renewable construction materials, and timber products can enhance the design of an organisations fit-out. This in turn will have a positive impact on an individual’s personal wellbeing, productivity, happiness and health.

What about from an environmental and sustainability perspective?

From an environmental perspective, 80% of the embodied carbon from your office fit-out goes into the atmosphere. Clever designs and sustainable material selection can only take us so far. So, it is imperative that the business leaders, financial team and managers are aligned from the project outset to ensure that the project goals are brought to fruition and that the ongoing operational carbon output is significantly reduced.

As we emerge from the challenges of the last two years, it’s imperative that businesses considers a tailored approach to the sustainability and wellbeing goals by developing rigorous and practical programmes for your business strategy and your people.

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