Macpherson Kelley, Australia



Sydney & Brisbane, Australia
In collaboration with Macpherson Kelley, Athena Blue Global embarked on a project journey aimed at aligning and enhancing their workplaces across Sydney and Brisbane, to the next generation of legal workspaces.

Redefining the Next Generation of Legal Workspaces 

“While less true in recent years as an industry, if you go back a bit, law’s reputation for being traditional and operating in conventional office space (often linked to seniority) was quite entrenched. We knew this way of working didn’t reflect our vibrant, inclusive, collaborative workforce, so we sought to make changes that were more aligned with our values. We’ve successfully transitioned all our offices to hybrid Activity-based/open plan in the last few years” – David Ward, Chief Operating Officer.

Working with Macpherson Kelley, Athena Blue Global began by defining the current workplace practices, emerging trends and the ways in which we see hybrid work evolving over the coming years. As with all projects we undertake, we recognised the importance of ensuring the ideas and insights are defined by both leaders, and their people.

“The exercise proved invaluable in connecting our people to the project and understanding the different needs and personalities of each office. It solidified our stance that client service, inclusivity, and team work are at the core of our firm and what we believe in”- David Ward.

Through a series of strategic workshops, Workplace Experience Surveys, onsite utilisation studies, storage audits, and employee engagement workshops at all levels, our team uncovered data-driven insights to ensure their new workplaces empowered staff, enhanced productivity and minimised disruption.

“Working with Athena Blue Global, helped to align our key stakeholders on our way of working, translating all the data into a tangible workplace strategy, including future-proofing scenarios, what this meant for our workplace requirements, and a clear framework to bring our people on the change journey.”

Macpherson Kelley had been working under a traditional workplace model, beknown to lawyers for over a decade. It was imperative that their new workplace transported their workforce to new ways of working. This change, as with all workplace changes, came with uncertainty and risks on change adoption. Through our Change Management services we developed a robust change management framework, covering clear communication channels and tailored messaging, pulse surveys for ongoing feedback, custom workplace protocols, a Welcome Guide, to not only ensure a seamless Day 1 induction experience but also ensuring staff where supported, understood and acknowledged in any change hesitations and thereby reducing risks.

“…I appreciate how important change management is to the overall success of a project through the design/build phase and even beyond into using the new space. Curating how you want the workplace to function requires active ongoing management and you have to be prepared to change things that you thought were good ideas at the time.”

The collaborative and championing effort led to a smooth transition to a modern, flexible workspace, aligning with MK’s vision and fostering engagement across all levels. 


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