Vision & Strategy
At Athena Blue Global, we help organisations to define strategies that empower leaders to navigate the evolving real estate landscape, whether that is workplace, retail, education, healthcare or other. By aligning business goals with your people, project and spaces, we translate objectives into actionable briefings.
Why do you need a Strategy?
A strong Vision & Strategy is essential for organisations seeking to align their project with business objectives, creating a detailed roadmap for effective project outcomes.
Our tailored strategies will help your organisation understand:


Ways of working that support your business, your leaders and your people.


Managed flexibility recommendations for flexible or hybrid way of working, to suit your organisation.


How your project outcome can support growth or changes in business processes.


Property accommodation requirements to go to market.


Detailed design briefing requirements for fit-out.
What does our Vision & Strategy process involve?
Our 3-stage approach considers your current project needs, benchmarked against your business needs and your industry to form a comprehensive strategy.


Understanding your organisations current needs, by gathering data for our analysis and benchmarking


Engaging with your people to understand your project or workplace vision, aspirations and functional requirements


Defining your strategy and future accommodation scenarios for leadership to take an informed decision

What are some of the activities in a Vision & Strategy?
We work with each organisation to identify the most appropriate activities to suit your organisations requirements. Common activities include:
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