Sustainability & Wellbeing
A growing priority for many organizations is sustainability and wellbeing in the corporate world, for your people and brand. Athena Blue Global begins with defining your sustainability and wellbeing needs, by providing rigorous, certifiable and practical programmes for your business targets and your people.
Why should you consider sustainability and wellbeing in your project?
Studies have shown that sustainability and wellbeing considerations in the workplace have a positive impact on employee workplace experience, engagement, and productivity. Our sustainability and wellbeing services provide a tailored approach to your workplace, whether you choose to consider these aspects from a design up approach, people lead approach, or both.
Our sustainability and wellbeing services will guide your organization through:


Key sustainability and wellbeing trends and approaches that organizations are considering


Sustainability and wellbeing priorities identification


Recommendations of how your priorities can be integrated in your workplace design and employee experience


Sustainability and / or wellbeing certification support, or aligned pathways as required


Development of relevant wellbeing plans
What does a sustainability and wellbeing process involve?
The four stages of our sustainability and wellbeing service have been designed to provide organisations with end-to-end support for your project, from initial concept and building search through to certification and post-project support.


Identify relevant sustainability and wellbeing processes framework based on organisational aspirations. When completed early in the project, this allows high level sustainability and wellbeing recommendations to be incorporated into a tenancy search and lease requirements.


Design, planning and review of guidelines detailing how identified sustainability and wellbeing processes should be implemented, whether through aligned pathways or formal certification


Support adoption of practices through ongoing review, training and maintenance support


Preparing and submitting documentation for certification
What are some of the activities in a sustainability and wellbeing process?
We work with each organization to identify the most appropriate activities to suit your sustainability and wellbeing priorities identified in our engagement. Common activities in a sustainability and wellbeing process include:
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