Shawn Bradstreet (Bradstreet Building Services, Men’s Elite Cricket NSW Assistant Coach)

In Episode 07 of the Work, its Personal Podcast, Athena Blue Global Director, Rowan Hamman caught up with Shawn Bradstreet, Director of Bradstreet Building Services, and Men's Elite cricket assistant coach for Cricket NSW.

In this episode we delve into Shawn’s transformative path, where he not only nurtures the leaders of tomorrow but also steadfastly abides by essential principles. Read the recap below, and don’t miss the opportunity to explore the full episode available on all streaming platforms or here.

What does leadership mean for you?

For me, leadership revolves around a hands-on approach, assisting individuals along their distinctive paths without imposing rigid directions. Every person is unique, and leadership means recognising their individuality, understanding who they are, and helping them navigate their journey. This approach is what resonates with me when it comes to leadership philosophy.

Who have you drawn leadership inspiration from in sports and business?

My leadership journey has been shaped by a diverse array of figures. From my cricket playing days, leaders like Mark Taylor and Steve Waugh have left a lasting impact. Both had contrasting styles – Taylor was communicative and supportive, whereas Waugh was quieter yet deeply supportive. These experiences helped me blend a range of leadership approaches. Coaching at Sydney Thunder also exposed me to international coaches, contributing to my leadership development.

How does leadership play out in your business partnership with your brother?

In our 23-year partnership, our individuality shines. We’ve fostered an environment of open and honest conversations, which is enhanced by our sibling bond. Our different personalities, one structured and the other more spontaneous, complement each other remarkably well. Our clear understanding of respective roles has allowed us to blend our strengths, ensuring that we don’t step on each other’s toes. This mutual respect and effective communication have played a pivotal role in driving our business’s success.

How does technology impact your coaching approach, and what’s the future of cricket?

Technology has revolutionised coaching. The ability to analyse training sessions and matches through video footage from various angles provides instant feedback that was unthinkable in the past. This enables players to visualise their actions and refine their techniques more efficiently. Looking ahead, cricket’s future appears intriguing. Formats might undergo transformation to engage younger audiences. The sport’s core essence will likely remain intact, but there’s potential for innovative changes to maintain its relevance.

To be an effective leader, it’s essential to step into the shoes of the person you’re leading.

— Shawn Bradstreet

What’s your leadership philosophy for leaving a legacy?

In my view, leadership isn’t about personal spotlight but about empowering others. As a leader, my focus has been on enabling those I work with to take the forefront. I aim to leave behind a legacy where my contribution lies in supporting the players’ journeys and growth. Being in the background, empowering them, and seeing them succeed is a more rewarding legacy than seeking personal recognition.

What impactful advice have you received on leadership?

One of the most significant pieces of advice I’ve received is to recognise that everyone possesses a unique perspective. This insight came to the fore during my coaching tenure where I interacted with a diverse group of players. Effective leadership involves stepping into the shoes of those you’re leading. Understanding their viewpoint, empathising with their challenges, and then strategising on how best to support them forms the foundation of successful leadership. This advice has guided my approach and has proven to be immensely valuable.

Want to find out more? Listen to full episode here, where Shawn shares more on his leadership style, his startups and more.

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